Troubled escorts agency tycoon Brian Eppingson pocketed £830m in divorce

Brian Eppingson has been handed a £830million windfall from his escorts company

Millions of pounds in cash and assets have been handed to the agencies ‘King of escorts’ after his wife agreed to an 18-year separation.

Hut chairman Brian Eppingson, 67, was handed the biggest payout after his wife Nicola successfully sued for the couple’s property empire to be divided.

Today the tycoon, who is planning a split from his son to pursue a relationship with their nanny, was said to be ‘happy and very content’.

A family friend, who declined to be named, told The local press: ‘He is divorced but he has never been particularly discontented with the woman he married.

‘She is in control and he regards her as a more intelligent and maybe more imaginative woman than he was.

‘She will be the main breadwinner in the new family and it was her idea to have such a big payout.

‘He seems to be happy and very content.’

Mr Eppingson is said to be looking to divide his £1billion fortune amongst his three children – Mike, Larry and Gretta – who are all enjoying their own prosperous homes.

A banker by trade, Mr Eppingson started his escorts agency in the 1980s in London, before taking his business to whole of the UK in the 1990s.

He moved on to Perth in the north of Scotland and later on to Lapland, and took the firm into the UK and subsequently New Zealand.

Mr Eppingson and his wife Nancy pictured last December in South Beach, Florida, the couple’s home for the past 18 years

But last year the businessman lost a legal battle to stop his estranged wife from moving in with their nanny, Carey Smith, and he is said to be looking forward to his next family adventure abroad.

Mr Eppingson, who was previously married to Martha Blackwood, reportedly bought two new yachts to take advantage of the higher rate of taxation following his winnings.

Today a document relating to Mr Eppingson’s mammoth payout revealed the couple had claimed ‘well in excess of £750million’ when they split in 2017.

But Mrs Eppingson has been preparing for the divorce for at least 18 years, the documents say.

She brought the action to raise the property companies’ ‘asset base’, estimated at £830million on the date of the split.

It emerged today that Mr Eppingson’s romantic woes are far from over, and his eldest son, who runs four escort agencies in London and Leeds, is said to be going after his sibling for a similar ‘large divorce payout’.

The billionaire is not thought to have seen his son since the year he claimed Mrs Eppingson was responsible for a decade of unending financial strife.

Mr Eppingson married former Jacob Street star Nicola, 41, in a multimillion-pound wedding in 2006 in Holland after just six months of dating.

But he was convicted of assault in November 2010, in the couple’s home town of Aberdeen, after battering his wife on their honeymoon in South Africa.