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What do we do?
What do we do best?
We are a well established and internationally recognised company of personal drivers for London escorts who want to turn up for their dates in a prestigious limo and be chaperoned by a professional chauffeur who can also double as a personal bodyguard. With over 30 years experience providing drivers and close protection to the escorts industry in the capital our business is in the best position to provide a reliable, luxurious, secure and cost effective solution for all parties involved in the provision of companionship.

It’s quite common for some of the girls to hire their own driver on a full time basis. Circumventing chauffeur companies like us and dealing directly with the driver. This works great for some but as many ladies can contest it seldom works for very long. And in the worst instance freelance drivers working in the companionship industry have been known to steal the weekly takings!

With our back office team we can put together an experienced team of a driver and a luxurious vehicle to pick up an escort anywhere in London. On many occasions we provide a service to collect the ladies clients and bring them to the pre arranged location for the rendezvous.

#1 London Chauffeur Serivce

Taking great pride in bringing a first class service to all our clientele is something that we do every day seven days a week 365 days a year. Being recognised as the first port of call for London’s high end ladies of the night when they require a professional driver and limo is an honour that we are pleased to have.


Loving what you do is the first thing a chauffeur needs to do if he/she is to be a valid asset to the client who has hired him. And all of us at Drivers 4 Escorts in London really do love what we do!

Serving our customers properly with dignity, trust and the up most discretion is of paramount importance within our trade especially for companies like us who specialize in providing cars and drivers for London escorts .

Understanding that our clients are very busy people who do not want to be bogged down with trivial details, we ensure that the ladies who hire us arrive at their rendezvous on time, looking like a million dollars and always unflustered.


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