Hottest Headwear Trends

I am pretty sure we all have experienced the exact same situation I did a couple of days ago throughout my stay in London. The weather was quite windy and cold, so I decided to put on a beanie or something, you know, to avoid getting sick in the middle of my holiday. I was standing in front of the mirror all dressed up and looking at my awkwardly non matching beanie, it basically ruined my entire outfit so I was thinking and hesitating about what to do. As I was spending my holiday in the city and only had that one headwear piece to put on, it was a great dilemma for me. By the end I was actually scolding myself for not dropping another option in my luggage before depart or just simply for not being more prudent, smarter and not thinking over the dressing up, outfit options twice…

Finally I decided to change my entire outfit for a more casual one and put on that beanie. To make sure you, my dear reader will never ever get into this confusing and hard situation I am listing a couple of fresh and juicy headwear trends, universal hats that basically go with every outfit.


These are our ultimate favorites. Chic and cool, very trendy. They go with almost every type of outfit and favored by many style conscious escorts in London . You won’t even ruin an elegant one with them, because (good news) this year’s fashion is all about chaos! Matching sporty with elegant and feminine with masculine. These are no simple beanies, if you can give them a more thorough look, you can see that they all have something extra, something special on them. The first one has a cool medal in the front, the second has a fluffy, interesting material and the third one has a very sophisticated knitting pattern and thread.


Okay, this one is a bit hard to carry in the luggage, but they can be worn with EVERYTHING! They will absolutely give your outfit a boost I’ve even spotted the odd chauffeur sporting one while waiting for a pick up at Heathrow.


At first sight, these might look a bit masculine, but after having a closer look, with all the accessories built on them and decorated they become extremely cool and feminine. This season’s chaotic fashion allows London women to wear such pieces and gave us wide liberty to wear whatever we like and feel that day. A hooligan style like this is great for all rebels. Just match one of these hats with a cool pair of ripped jeans and a chunky knitted sweater and you will look amazing. Ready to rock the streets of London?